Advanced Nanomaterials Book Series is intends to offer dedicated titles on recent developments in the highly interdisciplinary fields of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. The dedicated volumes will encompass with the nano-sized fundamental phenomena, i.e., concepts-to-systems, technologies, and applications particularly in the energy, environment and healthcare. The series brings together innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in the research and development of nanomaterials and based-technologies.

In this respect, to highlight this discipline and its recent advances, we would like to invite world-class researchers to contribute their expertise in this subject area.

Each volume will be devoted to one broad subject and the multi-disciplinary aspects will be drawn out in full. Each volume will be comprehensive and will represent the cutting edge science of Nanomaterials. They are written for a broad readership including researchers and students from diverse backgrounds including materials science & engineering, medical science, pharmacy, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, physics.


Professor Ashutosh Tiwari
Senior Editor

Sophie Thompson, PhD
Managing Editor
E-mail: books@vbripress.com
Simon Holt
Acquisitions Editor │Micro & Nano Technologies │ ELSEVIER
E-mail: s.holt.1@elsevier.com

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